Imelda Deheer

Imelda Deheer

Professional Artist


This is My Story

The art I create is about capturing the essence of colour and light. Using acrylics allows a mix of vibrant and soft tones with the potential to paint in infinite ways. I am moved to paint what I experience and see in the world, sometimes from a narrative or from being moved by emotion to direct my chosen subject. This has included waterscapes that are filled with visual reflections and patterns, cuisine scenes that tell a story of a shared love of food and drink and landscapes I yearn to return to from my travels in Europe.

At 16 years I studied Graphic Design for 5 years; first at Scarborough Technical College and later Cumbria College of Arts, with a value for traditional art studies, the graphic design element is evident in my work with acrylics, creating clear lines, smooth blocks of vibrant colour and in portraits based on a simple yet striking background to enhance the foreground subject.  

I started creating works of swans in pen and ink several years ago in my time off when working as a Gestalt Therapist. I exhibited and sold a number of these which led to commissions in pen and ink and then of other birds in acrylic. I retired from working as a therapist in late 2014 so I could fully dedicate my time to painting. In 2015 my partner and I traveled the UK and France, sometimes by car and on some eventful occasions in a 26 ft yacht, before arriving and spending several months in La Manga, Spain. While there I experimented and explored my painting style. When the Spanish summer season came to an end we returned to the UK, first to North Wales, and many other locations in the UK.

In early 2017 another opportunity came up to live and work abroad in the Vendee, France, and other European locations, which I loved. However it was seasonal work and on returning my partner and I were blessed with living and working in Cumbria, with the beauty of the Cumbrian Lakes and mountains providing inspiration. 

You can see regular updates of the projects I’m painting and creating on my facebook page: